Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wandering in the desert for 40 days

So I look American, I don't speak any language other than English fluently, my clothes are "funny-lookin", and I'm a good foot/foot and a half taller than the locals, but other than that I fit in like another pea in the pod here in good ol' Joja. It really makes me feel bad about the times I fawned over foreigners in the States. The reality is that a foreigner has an entire country where they generally fit in. Recently, the celebrity status has been wearing on me. I get stares, catcalls, and an occasional rock or two thrown my way on a daily basis. Ok, so the rock was only a one time thing, it may have been thrown in my direction, but not at me, so I can't really count it officially. The benefits of my celebrity status include: free beverages (coffee, tea, etc.) almost everywhere I go, getting marshrutka rides for free, getting ripped off by marshrutka drivers, and etc.

Also, some movies watched abroad are seen in a different context. For example Disney-Pixar's "UP!" What a great movie! The movie should be called "down" as that's how it made me feel. Leave it to Disney to make me cry! But really, you should see it, it's a good movie.

If someone asked you every day what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what would you say?

Lessons I have learned:
1. Rice as primary source of food is not just for people on Survivor.
2. Following no. 1, a multivitamin in this country is essential almost year round. (Peace Corps provides this)
3. It is possible to only shower 1 time per week.
4. You can say anything with a smile.

So I found myself at an all women's supra last night. And I learned a few more:

5. Georgian women are warm wives.
6. Georgian women don't like "momma's boys." They like, and I quote, "A man who will tell you to 'Bring me this!' 'Cook me that!'" and etc.
7. Georgian women are tigers in the bedroom (not speaking from experience here).

It was a crazy time! It started off just me and another volunteer and volunteer's host mom and host sister. Then some female neighbors came over. Before you knew it, the wine got busted out and the women were smoking ciggies! Voi la! Supra time.

As I was the only man at the table, I was asked all sorts of questions and given tons of advice. Then they wanted to play the let the man guess our ages game. EPIC FAIL! It was short-lived. My first person to guess was my friend's host mom. I guessed 38. She was 31.

Then I came home, did some facebook stalking, and am about to shower. That is all for today!

Tomorrow I am going to pack for my trans-town migration. I'll have to do so discreetly so as not to stir any household emotions.

Good things going on: I worked with two of the English teachers on our school's SPA grant for 2 hours on Friday and we are on pace to getting this baby finished in time! I would like to make the first deadline in Feb, even though there's one in March or so for us TEFL folk (thank you for the info Paula and Krisanne!).

May positive energy wash over the shores of your inner minds. Namaste!

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