Thursday, January 21, 2010

Changes of Address

Ladies and Gents! Step right up (or send letters/packages to):

29A Vazha Pshavela Avenue

P.O. Box 66

Tbilisi, 0160

Georgia (Republic of)

That's my new mailing address! Note it, and spread it around to all your friends. The OLD address you may have had is now obsolete... . Of course, make sure you address future packages to yours truly.

In other news, the first day back at school was a bust in terms of attendance. As I was walking to school early in the morning, I was careful not to slip on the ice and mud mixture. I taught 1 out of 4 classes. It was freezing cold. The class's plant died over the three week vacation. It really made rethink my plant decorating strategy. I know now I need to also consider the frost resistancy of the plants I choose. Check.

Then today, my counterpart could not find a babysitter, therefore, we have not class today. I'm hella excited for the new trainees to arrive in April! To all of those reading this, know that I'm aware you're out there! *glares into the depths of my computer screen* Don't be afraid!

On Tuesday night I had a video-skype session with my World Wise Schools Program (WWSP) teacher and class! I have a classroom chock full of 5th graders in Tallahassee, FL I write to! I love all of them, and we got to "meet" that night! They are so adorable! Some of them you could tell were very nervous, but it went well. One of the parents of the kids made khachapuri (Georgian cheese pie) for the kids to enjoy after our session. :D I was truly touched. The mom had been to Georgia before and is apparently a world traveler!

Also, last night I got to hang out with my friend Giorgi and his family! I had not spent quality time with them in a while, and I left in the evening in really good spirits.

There's so many positive things happening in my life I need to be more thankful for! Giorgi's mom, also my Russian tutor, pointed this out yesterday.For a cheesy spiritual aside: I feel like God, fate, or whatever higher power is sending a sign for me to stay positive.

I went by my soon-to-be apartment yesterday, and I could hear my landlord and a group of people working on it! I'm gonna try and haggle for a refrigerator and try and talk her into installing hot water soon, too. There weren't bars on the main door yet, but the effort has been initiated. Who knew bars could bring a positive change? My Russian tutor told me that once I'm on my own, she's gonna give more homework! :D


  1. Hello there! I have been enjoying reading your posts and loved the "shout out" to the new volunteers arrrivng in April, THAT'S ME!
    Quick question: Any 2 or 3 particular items or information that you think the PC has left out but is imporatnt to you or something you wished you'd have known pre serivce. I realize this means a ton of stuff but any suggestions you can offer are much appreciated.
    Looking forward to meeting you soon! Ciao.

  2. Hey! I'm so glad you will be coming and are enjoying the ol' blog! I would say eat as much chain restaurant food as you possibly can! Eat a ton of cheese (especially cheddar!) Don't worry about gaining weight, it's so worth it! Annd... an external hard drive with tons of movies, tv shows and music will be very valuable if you bring a computer (highly recommended) Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions: