Monday, January 18, 2010

That's the Jingle Bell Roccccck!!

Dear friends!

I am writing to you the first entry of the New Year! It only took a couple of weeks. Let me catch you up to speed.. (grab something to hold onto, it will be a doozy) So the past two weeks, I went to Tbilisi and am now vaccinated against H1N1! I'm ready for any viral attacks! Also, I greeted an amazing volunteer back from her globetrotting tour in the States. This past weekend, I passed the time with a couple of homies in Sagarejo and then a belated birthday extravaganza in the hidden village near Telavi. Other than that, I have done pretty much nothing. Granted: I have watched many an episode of Bleach (thank you!) I'm currently on 230/257 (yes, I started watching them before I left. And I've dabbled in some studying for the GMAT. I've talked to Monterey Institute for International Studies, and sent a couple of emails. I looked at a new place last week, and I will move out in 10 days, Inshallah. Most of this I've done from the comfort of my own bedroom.

Today, I have enjoyed a few glimpses of our snow/slush falling from the sky. Any snow is better than no snow right?

In other news, I've come to terms with my planning habits (slightly intensified in Georgia). I want to have an awesome costume for the next Halloween. Someone suggested Mick Jagger? I can't say I have the mouth for it, but we'll see. I'm open to suggestions.

Now I would like to take you on a mental tour of my new place. My favorite thing about it is the ample supply of windows. In my soon-to-be bedroom, the entire outer wall is almost entirely window-glass. Yes, it will be cold in the winter, but seeing as I don't have heat at my current place and it looks like there's a slight chance of snow in my room now, I don't think that should be an issue. Next, the landlord is currently in her "10 days" of remodeling. She's going to clean, bring in furnishings, install bars over the front door, do some electrical work, and re-wallpaper the entire apartment. She said she only needs 10 days... hmm

It's a one bedroom apartment. It has one bathroom and a kitchen. When you walk in the front door there's a very small foyer that connects to a hallway that leads to the kitchen (approx 8 feet away). The bathroom is on your right when heading towards the kitchen. Connected to the foyer on the left is the bedroom.

The flooring is red-painted wood floor panels. Nothing is new, but it's definitely livable. Things that are missing: hot water and a refrigerator. Also the water schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. When I saw the place originally there was not a fridge, but maybe she will bring one?? We'll see. The fact is: I am living in a developing country, and we all can't be so lucky to have water everyday, central heat and air, and all the modern amenities. Especially in Marneuli, people have told me that I'm too picky about what I want to have in a place of my own. I could take this place and make it work, or I could wait. I am choosing to make it work.

After I purchase a few items, I know it will be a place I look forward to come home to. An additional plus is the location. I'm 5-10 minutes closer to a marshrutka station, my school, and the stadium where I can run. Low expectations have definitely assimilated themselves, however, I am actually excited to be moving in/out.

I am most looking forward to having my own place, living somewhere somewhat quiet, and the imminent, soon-to-be eminent arrival of my kindle!! :)))

School starts on Wednesday. It's going to be a ridiculously busy, but amazing spring! Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Woot wooot! I'm def excited for you to be living somewhere where you don't have to deal with such magnanimity *cough* and you won't starve. Think of it this way, most people in this country don't use fridges for things which should be refrigerated, anyway. So you're not at a loss! Especially when you can just stick it outside.

    I envy your ability to plan, still. I know I shouldn't envy you, but being from ground zero when I have to figure out what makes me happy to do is hard. : |

    I do know talking to you and reading your blog makes me happy!