Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Sandman... You Know What To Do!

Hello all!

So I wanted to write a short entry for you before I have to go to school. All has been interesting here per usual. According to my director the repairs for my apartment are done, but when I went by yesterday, there were no bars on the door. Apparently that's only a little thing, however, it was the bulk of the repairs that needed to be done. We'll see when I'll be able to move in.

I had another entertaining dream last night. I was trying to analyze it, and there are so many levels in which it can be analyzed. The bottom line was a Georgian Love Actually, of course the central theme was about getting married vs. finding your true love. The message of the film (in my dream) was to propose when the soon-to-be bride was at her best or "golden." The last scene has the two main characters (myself and a no-name actress who strikingly resembled Fergie) together. The girl comes up to me with the narrator (making his first and last appearance) dressed in a flower-pot dress with arcing pigtails over her head. She says, "I'm golden," shining with a light overhead you might only see on Touched By an Angel. I propose, everyone is happy, and they lived happily ever after.

Then a clip of some show, possibly Entertainment Tonight: "After the break, we'll see what happened to this young couple happily living ever after, and after the happiness left their marriage."

O the webs we weave! Time to get ready for school! Time permitting, I'll continue my thoughts later today! Love you all!


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