Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I had a dream...

Ok so here's my crazy dream from last night.

Tom: This just in from Tbilisi: The Marriott on Rustaveli Street is on lockdown after a serial killer goes on a rampage. In a small factory town not to far from Tallahassee, FL, a mysterious man kills five people near the peanut factory. The nostalgic love of peanut butter may never be the same. Coming to the scene live is our news correspondent.

Reporter:"Hi Tom, it's been a rough morning as citizens of the Tallahassee Metropolitan Area are gathering to mourn the loss of these 5 people, some of which were women and children. Just over there to your left is the weigh station out from the factory where the five bodies still lie. Luckily we have a few eye witnesses who heard and were able to record the sounds of the people as they were murdered in front of each other." *Plays the sound file of people screaming*

Reporter:"Two attempted victims were able to escape. Let's take a look at their stories..."

Little Boy: "He made us play games and swim and we didn't want to, but he made us. Then he said if we didn't something bad would happen. My friend and me started to play a game and just kept running. I'm really tired now."

Reporter: "The two young boys, age 7 and 9, are now being evaluated and will be sent to mandatory counseling. Reporting to you live, back to you."

Tom: "So you were saying that it seems as though a lot of people are gathering at the scene of the crime. Could you talk to us a little about that. What are people's motivations for being in such a morbid place right now?"

Reporter: "Well it seems as some people have come out of legitimate concern for the families who are at loss right now, however, other people have set up grills and bonfires which also seems like they are here for the novelty entertainment value as though reveling at the scene of a car accident or train wreck. One couple even mentioned this could be something that could save their marriage."

*camera spans around the scene of cars and trucks parked on the grass in the night lit up by bonfires and crowds of people*

Reporter: "Officials are saying that the serial killer has announced he will commence another spree before fleeing the country to wreak more havoc abroad. The UN, the EU and the Black Sea Security Council are discussing possible options, as they believe Georgia among many countries could be a target."

Reporter: "We will be updating you as soon as we receive further news. News correspondent, thank you, Tom."

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  1. I also had a wierd dream last night where I had to treck across a snow covered plain to escape a flesh eating virus. Out of the 15 PCVs that started, only Ben, Katie and me made it out. But I refused to leave without my teddy bear. (I don't even own a teddy bear. Never have.) You were one of the first to be consumed by the virus. Sorry. Must be the weather change thats messing with our minds.