Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Climb from the Valley

Well kids and cats, it's been a real trip since last we spoke. On any other day, the wedding I went to would have been a blast, however unfortunately for me was not enthralling, in fact quite the opposite. The bride, aka one of the other English teachers at the school, was absolutely drop-dead smashing. Truly, one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, not to say I've seen that many brides in real life, but nonetheless pretty astonishing. It was Halloween, and I missed my friends. I had a terrible, awful, no good very bad week, as you read previously, and one of the wedding guests was just the icing on the cake. I am grateful that week ended. Amen, praise Jesus!

Then on Sunday, in a recovery effort, the marveloso Loreni incompliance with city-host Alisoni opened her heart to let a little of her sweet love out. I was tired, but felt better. I found out on Tuesday that I missed a phone call on Sunday that would have been an awesome time with my Russian tutor and her son, and my newest friend, Giorgi. As I was not quite back to equilibrium at that point, it was probably for the best I hadn't gone.

Because I've been having to explain grammar structures and so on, I have become slightly aware by the oddities in my own grammar use. (Maybe it will help me on the GMAT... *wishfully thinks*)

I decided tonight over dinner that Tuesday and Wednesday are my favorite days. Why? Russian lessons. While I love the Georgian language and am becoming somewhat proficient in it (meaning I can now survive somewhat), I have a deep passion for the Russian language. I love Russian literature, and as mentioned, my tutor also shares this passion. Her mother was from Russia. The city is difficult to pronounce, so I can't say I remember it. Also, her son, Giorgi is just fun to be around. I would say out of anywhere in Georgia, outside of my usual volunteer peeps, I feel the most comfortable. Also there, I have had the pleasure of eating black currant preserves. I know preserves are usually not something that floats my boat, but these are just freaking awesome! I think I ate the equivalent of half a jar of them just today. Also, from my tutor, I learned the word for impudent, the legend of cheese, and an artistic tale about the Strait of Magellan. Random, I know.

Then, highlight of tonight, was the awesome chocolate cake my host mom made. It definitely gave the snickers cake from my birthday a run for its money. Speaking of which, I want to say that I never gave the snickers cake a review. She worked very long and hard to make it, and I very much enjoyed it. :)

Then, just two nights ago, I talked to my mom on video skype for the first time since being in Georgia, and my host family got to meet her! Then, I got an email from my WWSP teacher, and I was so excited I spent something like 2.5 hours writing a long reply.

Did I mention I had six pieces of cake? The situation at school really hasn't changed much, but nonetheless, we'll see what the rest of this week holds.


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  1. Hey spaghetti freddy... we are never guna stick! I love the Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good very bad day reference. That used to be one of my favorite books. I like when he goes to buy shoes and he cant get the right size. That always happened to me.
    Almost another week down! Happy Thursday.
    Love you! See you soon.