Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First I will start off with a small rant:

Dear Aldo,
Why do your shoes not like me? I have many friends which love your shoes, and frankly I think most of them are ugly, but I'm glad your shoes make my friends happy. However, not only are your shoes ugly, but they are uncomfortable and kill my feet. Is that why a $90 pair of shoes was marked down to $30? They are completely flat and by no means accommodate anyone who has an arch in their foot. I find myself tripping over things, due to the lack of contour, and the soles are so thin I can feel every rock and pebble I walk on. The reason I chose them was that they are somewhat European and primarily easy to clean. When all is said and done and your shoes have worn out, I will have a permanent scar on the back of my heel from where your shoes cut it away, even wearing the thickest pair of socks.


Ok, now that I got that out of the way, I can tell you about all of the positive things happening with me. Really though, I love my Russian tutor, my new friend Giorgi, and their entire family. They are all great. It really is helping preserve and improve my Russian. Maybe someday, I can speak it somewhat fluently. Also, today I got to see a Fulbright scholar who was in Azerbaijan with Peace Corps and now is doing research on the differences between the minority communities and Azerbaijan. Annnd, I'm so greatful to have such a great director. She is truly awesome, sweet, open, and just, in general, great. I feel like any problem I have, I can talk with her about. Sometimes it's awkward, but not to worry.

Also, I learned the word for awkward in Russian. Georgians use it, which means they identify with awkwardness and awkward situations. I thought it was just me, but no. They feel it too = hilarious considering how many Georgians I have most definitely feel awkward. :)

Also, I'm greatful for heaters. While I cannot use my heater, because it is not economical, when I go to school, I am glad they are there. I noticed today that the younger classes love to tend the little wood-burning heaters, due to mild pyromania. So those classes are very warm. :)

With the light comes the dark. Let me shed some shadow for your information. My CP is ab not fab. She is truly a collusive person. She admits to completely fabricating her grade book as well. She either thinks she is successful in using me to reinforce her own laziness, or she is really extremely disorganized. I have not yet come to a solid conclusion on that matter. She was a no-call, no-show on Tuesday, and achieved nothing last week. She still had not yet implemented a lesson plan we designed together, as apparently the students were not there. This is not me talking *pardon my French* shit about her, this is fact. I keeps it real and am just telling it like it is. The work I have done thus far to counter her laziness has been in an effort to a) help the students and b)give her room to grow without feeling confined. I did choose her because she needs the most work of all the teachers in the school. And I've had all of these conversations with her, so it's not anything new to her or to anyone in the school. I like to think of myself as an open, communicative person in contrast to what may seem like a complainer.

All CP's aside, the sitch with the HF seems to be going better. I hate that I have to, for my own cultural integration and general self-preservation, include a fake factor to mirror the interactions with them. Fake it til you make it?

This week, and on a positive, I have yet to be called anything too inappropriate! It's the little things, what can I say?

I was at a supra for Giorgoba (on Monday) and managed to make some pretty significant cultural mistakes. For example, you are not supposed to wear a cross/crucifix that is visible at any point in time. Also, you are not supposed to wear a hat when making a toast (which is every time anyone toasts, and finally, it does not go down well, if someone proposes you make a toast and you fumble or refuse (due to lack of vocabulary and potentially having a foreign language complex). Other than that I was able to redeem myself with a good toast. *Thanks God!*

I also realized that I enjoy the black currant preserves (my favorite!!) because the texture/flavor reminds me somewhat of craisins!! MMM

Also disclaimer: I am grateful so much to have shoes. My old pair of shoes split wide open while I was playing soccer. I kicked the ball, and it was like my shoe exploded everywhere. So had I not had these shoes, my life would be even more painful. I am so grateful as well for the fact they were sent to me and as a gift. They are just painful, but I am still appreciative of them on a great level.

I have to get up early tomorrow to be at the school. There were several students who did not take the test. I gave 1 make-up session and no one from the 12a came. Then, they complained that they will not get points. They are very greedy for points. This of course is a complete generalization. The entire class is not as such. Anyways, they said they want to take the test, but they do not have the test books. So then, I said they should buy them. Then they complained they were too expensive, so I said that I will make my own test for them, and it will be free. Then they said it's too difficult and not fair. Then they asked when they could take it, I said either today at 3 pm, or tomorrow at 9 am. They said that this afternoon was not good for them and that the morning was too early. So I'm like: reality check *snaps twice* You didn't come for the original test or the test make-up session, you rarely come to class, you don't do the homework at all, and you are bitching (once again sorry) and complaining about what's convenient for you, as if I have not been accommodating for you at all. Then, I'm offering you two makeup times, both of which are in my limited "free" time and are inconvenient to me. Mari (my counterpart) also seemed like I was being unfair by her reactions. Give me a friggin' break people, you are ridiculous. And in the end, I'm still the bad guy, because I refuse to let them get a perfect 10 for doing nothing, but complaining about the work they never actually do.

Ok, I'm done, I had to put the lid on that last can of worms. Sorry for the second rant. It honestly came out of nowhere.

On that note, I will be in class tomorrow at nine to represent the interest of education and justice.

Until tomorrow,

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