Saturday, November 28, 2009

I guess it must be a gift from God or something, Hi to the folks!

So you know when you come in, and everyone's asleep? And you try to be really quiet but end up making a ton of noise? That's the story of my life tonight. I was like a bull in a china shop. I was knockin crap over, drop things, stepping on every loud crack in the floor, accidentally slamming doors, da ase shemdeg (and so on in Georgian). But anyways, I had a great day! I get another week to break out of the mold that is the water-damaged wallpaper in my room, and I'm going to visit our TEFL trainer Manana! I'm super stoked. I'll get to see another part of Georgia and everything! I'm leaving for there on Sunday. Thhhheen, yesterday I had a Dinner of Champions: soggy, greasy potatoes, bread and water. O.K. so I lied, I actually couldn't take it as awful as it was, so I added a little peanut butter too. I'm so glad we had the volunteer celebration last week, because otherwise I might be in a bathtub somewhere with a razor blade. That was maybe more graphic than I would have liked, but you get the point.

So Peace Corps gives us the opportunity during our service to have not one, but two babies! Unless of course you are using fertility drugs or the twin gene runs in your family. That's right! The first trimester of school is over. I think I may be starting to show a little bit. We'll do another check-up after the second trimester. But seriously, our school has trimesters.

I saw Terminator: Salvation....and then I found a dollar! woohoo!

So I decided I was gonna have a fun lesson today in my ninth grade class. One girl comes in and she's like, "I'm sick, can I go home??" I ask, "Have you been to the school nurse?" She says," Ummmm.... I have a doctor at my house, so can I go?" I say,"No way Jose, sit down." She says, "I'll be right back." She never came back... Then another girl (same class) comes in, as earlier she had dropped her purse off. She said ,"I need to get my bag, I'll be right back." I said,"Where are you going?" She smiled and said,"Home," and laughed as she left the classroom.

Those kids really missed out, because we played a really cool game of Uno. That's right, I schooled those kids on that American classic card game. A special thanks to Johnny for the cards and to the folks at Matel for their ingenuity. I'll take Uno over having some laaaame illness any day.

It's cold.

So, Ben's host mom commented today that I have a belly and I'm on my way to becoming a true Georgian. Note: no one in my life has ever said I had a belly. I told Ben, "Maybe I'm not losing weight after all! Unless... it's a distended belly from malnutrition...." I don't hate it! Thank you for calling the Save the Peace Corps Volunteers Foundation, please leave your credit card number, expiration date, and 3 digit security code after the tone.

I'm grateful for the Peace Corps sleeping bags... They are my personal Jesus.

Dilemma: get up and eat some Churchela that's in my shoebox (secret sweets stash) and have fresh sugar on my teeth to rot away my teeth during the night, or.. go to bed with a rumbling stomach? I'll be right back...



After a few loud floor creaks, 1 accidental/nearly unavoidable door slam, and a little nip of bone-chilling cold, I'm now nestled back in my sleeping bag with two Churchela and a mug of water. Thank you host mom for filling up my water filter! BTW.. in case you were wondering what Churchela is, it's walnuts on a string dipped into a grape juice goo (for lack of a better word) and then dried out for a period of time. Very delicious. They call it: "Georgian snickers." I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do really enjoy them.

I'm excited for what tomorrow will bring to me. Possibly a feeling of freedom? Happiness? Dare I say, englightenment? Only the dear Lord up above knows. So keep those crosses tucked away, and I'll catch you on the flip side.



  1. Wait! You have trimesters!? I've got to sit in school for another month till break watching my breath as I say every word. I wonder if I can take my sleeping bag to school with me... Hmmm...

  2. Ohhh, my dear! I had'nt really had much of an idea how sucky your host family situation was. And the counterpart situation, too. I'm gonna give you a jingle tomorrow or Tuesday, whenever I'm free and have lots of time to decompress.

    <3 and don't eat pickles and ice cream even if the trimesters and the growing belly have anything to do with one another. It's not recommended. xD

  3. Jefferson, I love reading your rants. I'm just getting caught up after some internet-down time. We have "trimesters" too, which ended this week. But we're just starting back up with the second trimester next week. Good planning.

    I'm also feeling you with the CP sitch. Hang in there! You're awesome!

    P.S. You really like churchkhela? It's no where near the amazingness of an American Snickers treat.