Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's behind door #2?

Hello! It's a new day. My blog that was just published was post-posted after a computer crash and power outage from the storm we had yesterday. Right now it is also raining.

In other news: I wore socks last night to fend off the mosquito in my room, and they seemed to have worked! I am going to wear them again tonight and see what happens. There were so many bites, had there been scars, all of my aspirations to become a professional foot model would have been annihilated, and then of course would ensue the psychological counseling from Peace Corps in DC.

Today was a long day! I observed 3 teachers and a total of 6 lessons. Tomorrow, thankfully I only intend to observe around 3. There are 4 CPs (counterparts) and I am observing 3 of each of there classes a week, on top of the meetings I have with the director. I found out today that the FLEX program will be coming on the 8th of October at 10 o clock in the morning. My director is very excited, as we had 4 FLEX finalists last year, 1 of which actually is currently in Ohio! I'll see what magic I can work... I am thinking I will start, per suggestion of the amazing Asmat, a FLEX interest/development club of students who are highly interested in applying.

The classes I observed today were very interesting... Some of the classroom management techniques included stomping and yelling. The teachers said some of them are very bad students and other teachers said they are disruptive because of the first week. The largest class we had was 33 or 34 students, with the smallest only being around 12. There are many students who neither speak Georgian or English, as they are minorities, and it reminded me of the minority groups in the US that just kind of ride along the education system to get some blue collar, low class profession. Some people are very happy on this track, but it really upset me to see that most of these students will never have the opportunity to choose. It's not that they are lazy. The stereotypical, which we all know is not true, Azeri/minority student will start school, grade 1, and immediately be 5 years behind in language development for Georgian. They will not understand 50% of what they are taught their first two years. Then they are always behind two years and development low self-esteem for the duration of their education. I'm going to see what I can do to somehow relieve the gloom of this despondent situation.

In completely unrelated news: I now have a webcam, and am gearing up to open my own website for 24 adult shows. While I'm at school my host mother is going to run the loop I'll record the night before, and I'm teaching her the vocab so that the dialog shouldn't be too difficult. But really, I can now video skype, which I'm very excited about.

Also, after dinner I completely smoked both my host parents in backgammon. Ok, I'll admit I let them win sometimes... They said that I'm so lucky I should enter the magti (phone company) contest to win the new Mercedes. I feel though, if I bought the phone with PC money and entered the contest with PC money but gave the car I would win to my family... would that be a personal gain? PS- Profiting for personal gain is enough to get me my ticket back to the states ASAP. I'll leave that to the dull tools for brains committee to hammer out.

Now concludes another riveting day in the life of me. I know you're jealous! Til' tomorrow!


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