Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Georgia Knows How to Party, too

Ok, so the devil has officially claimed my soul. That's right... I succumbed to his/her will and purchased 3G internet. 45 GEL a month gone forever... It's a massive opportunity cost when you don't have a salary. BUT, I LOVE IT!

Other news, there was an earthquake! I thought it was a dream, but reality confirmed that the floorboards in my room actually were shaking! I'm very grateful I'm not in Racha, where the epicenter was, as some homes were destroyed.

My new host mother is an amazing cook, and if my stomach can digest everything, I am back on track for gaining some weight. In the tertiary circle of things, the girls are trying to see who proportionally can be the "Biggest Loser", reality show style.

Back to the food story, so I ate two large potato pies called Pirozhki and like four Ponchiki, ultra fried donuts. Just the thought is nauseating. They are very delicious, but I still have not recovered. After my bowels ejected the contents over the course of the evening, I have been full of nausea since. It was so cute when I came out of the bathroom, and my host mom was standing there. She asks sweetly, "Do you have diarrhea?" I respond, "Yep, a little bit." lol

I have been hanging out with my site mate and his director/counterpart on a regular basis since my arrival. It won't be the last time I say it, but I love having a site mate.

Also, on a daily basis around teacher planning before school starts, I have been playing so many games: dominoes, backgammon, badminton, chess, checkers, and a variety of card games (rumi, jokeri, bura, etc). In terms of checkers, I think that Americans have the wrong idea. The game is not so interesting for me in the states, but here they have some additional parameters which make it interesting for all ages.

Also, a really good showtime series I have discovered is Californication. All explicit sexual elements and drug use aside, it's a really great series. If you are unfamiliar, it starts David Duchovny and an amazing cast. So far there are only three seasons, so there's time to catch up! Not that my life in the states is represented by this series, but some of the emotional elements I was able to parallel, and it allowed me to realize that, yes, I am in Georgia.

Only like 98 more weeks to go! That's nothing! :) I'm excited for school to start!


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