Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dear blog, you have been upgraded from a periodical to an actual blog! It's amazing, I can jot my thoughts in you and electronically defile you anytime I see fit.

Not too much new here in the big, bad little city of Marn, for that will be my shortened version to protect the names of the innocent via google search. Those pesky reporters always get in the way. I'm just picturing the entire cast of Scooby Doo as real-life reporters. We the volunteers are those meddling kids: we raze disorganization and corruption and pave the road of technical skills, protected by our "slippery when wet" semi-permeable dual-culture membranes, not unlike the amoeba that is aiding our group's weight-loss AS WE SPEAK. Sounds peaceful right? Good.

Yesterday I got to meet my site mate's (SM) host family. They housed another volunteer in the past who sounds like a real trip.

After the fried food incident, my host mom has been really sad because I have been eating cautiously and slowly until I reach a full recovery. I didn't tell you, but the first day, she was so worried she didn't eat dinner. Words cannot express how nice my new host family is.

Nothing makes me miss America more than: Let's take a look together shall we:

Nothing says good ol'fashioned parenting like this picture...

This just in: there is a mosquito in my room. Did I see it? no, but I know it's here somewhere. The evidence has been found upon my rousing from slumber in the morning. Two things I have grown to hate even more: mosquitoes and flies. The good news is: I have not yet seen a cockroach, however, because there is a word for it in Georgian, I am always vigilant in my day-to-day activities. So, there are noisy flies which can deafen any needle dropping you may plan to do and flies that like to land on your face while you are sleeping. It's their own cruel joke. For example, just this morning I had planned to sleep until 9 or 9:30, but at 8:30 Jefferson 0, Obnoxious Fly 1, and I woke up.

Nevertheless I'm here, in the clear, so get over yourself.


**Post-Disclaimer: My tendency to exaggerate + too much access to internet = formula to take my future blogs on the indefinitely-lacking-of-substance railroad.

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  1. I saw that webiste... wal mart is HELLLLLLA funny.Its like the only place in the world you go at 11pm and see people on family outing with their 3 month old kid.In some ways it reminds me of the State Fair.

    anywho, miss you b. see you soon.