Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Escape

So last we spoke, life was pretty difficult to say the least. Well, right after I finished the last blog I had no GEL left on my phone, and so I went on an excursion to the store which took the long road to the hospital. That’s right, I fell down the stairs. I fractured the 4th vertebrae from my tailbone and managed to permanently twist it. This took me out of Gardabani permanently, but not before my host mother got her opportunity to make a sale with the Gardabani doctors. Dr. Marina and all of the Peace Corps staff: Asmat, Mary, Rick, and Irakli worked arduously to ensure my safety and well-being, for which I am extremely appreciative.

I stayed in the Nika, the Peace Corps guest house, for a week and a half under the care of Jenora, a very kind woman with great social skills and sense of humor. I am so grateful as well to all of the volunteers and staff who made my life more comfortable with their visits and provisions of small but important comforts such as movies, peanut butter, and popcorn. ;) So far, two volunteers have been bitten by dogs, one eating for two with her stomach parasite (an amoeba to be exact), and one who received probably his first surgery out of country to relieve him of appendicitis. If a person interested in PC read that sentence alone, they may never apply, however, if they read on of how all aside not one, including myself, has ET’d (Early Termination) regardless primarily due to the incredible care and concern of PC staff, they may be even more eager to apply knowing how awesome being a volunteer truly is. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

So once again a triple infinity thanks to primarily, but not limited to, Irakli, Asmat and Mary I am now in Marneuli, a splendorous place filled with Georgians and Azeris alike. I am teaching in a Georgian school and living in a Georgian family. I also am very grateful to have a site mate, Ben. I have an amazing Director, Counterparts and faculty at the school. My family is so kind, hospitable, and hilarious to boot. My host mom reminds me of a much kinder version of Roseanne, though her name is not as easy for me to remember. My host father is a dispatcher for marshutkas, so it seems I will always be in the know. I have two host brothers, age 10 and 12. Also, my director lives directly below my room and has grapes which grow up the wall. So, if I would so desire, I could reach out and pick some grapes. A plus I am sure all PC staff and Georgians would be happy to know is that I have primarily been speaking in Georgian, and very little have used Russian at all. I am currently scouting out possible language tutors for both languages.

Hopefully all is well with everyone, and visualize that this blog is full of sunlight and by reading this I have given you a couple rays for you to use in the darker moments of any day. I love you, “and by I, I mean all of the staff at Peace Corps.” But really, I do. I am grateful to have anyone who reads this in my life. That is all!

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