Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The music is all around us, all you have to do is listen."

Dear Readers,

My sincerest apologies go out to all of you waiting for something fantastic to appear. I can't guarantee this'll be fantastic, but it'll do my little piggies.

The ups and downs continue, each week leaves me with the feeling like I've just gotten off of another of life's roller coasters. As with other volunteers, I take a breath out of the exit and go back through the turnstiles. Whether you are on vacation or not, every day is different. Being aware of this here, I wonder what and how I'll feel going back to the US or onto my next venture.

The cold came suddenly to my community, and before you knew it, you could see your breath in my room. The hot water stops working, and I only have ice water to wash my clothes and dishes. The days will tick by and it'll be warm before I know it.

I have been watching tons of movies, thinking about what's to come, what new shenanigans my students will pull, what lives I'll touch in the next 6 months, what my life was like before Peace Corps, and what happiness lies tomorrow and beyond. I have a good feeling and that's what I'm putting my laris on.

Recently, through film and real-life situations, I'm noticing so many people that are just trying to find their path. Some are just pacing and waiting and others have completely wandered away. To that, I stress the importance of being in touch with your emotions and reflecting. Granted, sometimes I reflect a little too much, but self-awareness can go a long way. Sometimes emotions just confuse everything. To that, I say, "Shake it off, and stare raw reality in the face." What do you see? Tap into your true desires, and go for it. If you decide somewhere along the way it's not for you: don't get down. Just re-roll, and at least you know that one thing is not for you.

I looked back on my New Year's resolutions from 2010.

1. I can say I've done some awesome lessons and projects for my students. (check)
2. I don't think my mental health could be any more clear. (meditating- check)
3. I didn't complain nearly as much as 2009 and before. haha (not complaining- check)
4. I was more proactive about nutrition, haven't really gained that much weight though. (half-check)
5. I was a more active reader. I really enjoyed the reading I did in 2010. (active reading- check)
6. Well... I didn't really get as much sleep as I should have. (full nights of sleep- ehhh)
7. I disappointed people on not meeting my word on 2 or 3 occasions, but overall I think it was a productive year. (meeting my word- 3/4 check)

On my path to a dangerously close approach to perfection, I feel pretty good about 2011. I can't say that I even wish to make any resolutions at this point. I have a plan, and I'll keep you posted.

Here's to another year of good food, friends, life, and success! A (belated) happy new year to everyone!
Photo #9- Sunset in Marneuli-- the Azerbaijan Mountains--
Appreciating the view I can only see once or twice every 2 months.


  1. Happy New Year and cheers to making it nearly close to perfection!

  2. Hey darling I love reading your posts! just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. Just crazy busy with reading for the new semester. Love you! :)